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The Center for Plant DiversityFloral collage

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Photo of Mohavea confertiflora

Mohavea confertiflora

General Collections

Our new online database query system is here

Type Specimen Collection

Our type specimens have been imaged and are available at the JSTOR plant science website found here.

Consortium of California Herbaria

Query our California speciments through the Consortium of California Herbaria.

Macroalgae Collections

Query our macroalgae collections through the Macroalgae Herbarum Portal.

Biodiversity Information standards - our participation:

GBIF - Darwin Core data publisher  |  UCD museum Darwin Core data portal

Collections Strengths

The UC Davis Center for Plant Diversity has ca. 300,000 specimens. The collections are worldwide in scope, with strengths in the following geographic regions: California; Ecuador; Baja California; the Antilles; the Pacific Islands; Mediterranean-climate regions. The following speciality areas are strong: range plants of California; vernal pool plants of California; alpine flora of western North America; poisonous and weedy plants of California; Euphorbiaceae; Poaceae; and the genera Quercus, Allium, Arctostaphylos, Atriplex, Capsicum, Clarkia, Eschscholzia, Lycianthes, Lycopersicon, Mimulus, Navarretia, Stephanomeria, Trifolium, Vitis.

The following collectors are well-represented in our collections: B. G. Baldwin, F. Bowcutt, CNPS, B. Crampton, E. Dean, J. Ditomaso, E. L. Ekman, K. Esau, R. W. Gankin, L. Gottlieb, G. Helmkamp, G. F. Hrusa, P. B. Kennedy, H. Kennedy, A. T. Leiser, J. Major, B. J. McCaskill, H. Olmo, R. Preston, W. W. Robbins, D. Sanchez-Mata, M. Sanderson, J. Shepard, A. Solomeshch, G. L. Stebbins, D. Taylor, J. M. Tucker, E. C. Twisselmann, G. L. Webster

Our library includes parts of the botanical libraries of B. Crampton, J. Major, J. Tucker, L. C. Wheeler, and G. L. Webster.

For a more thorough description of our collections click here.


The early history of the Herbarium can be found in this article from 1995. For information on notable past collectors click here.