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Volunteer for DBS!

Now that the world is reopening, have you thought you’d like to get out for a few hours now and then and help out a worthy organization?

Davis Botanical Society could use your help! The Society is in need of assistance for several key tasks that make things run smoothly. These range from a couple hours per week in person at the herbarium to occasional work that can be done from home. The herbarium is a lively and convivial place to work, and the herbarium staff would enjoy mentoring those who wish to help the Society.

Please contact Teri Barry ( or Alison Colwell ( at the Herbarium 530-752-1091 for more information.

Positions Wanted:

Membership Renewals: We need help to keep our membership database up to date. This is a couple of hours every other week year round. It can be done at a computer at the herbarium. Someone who is familiar with database (Access) work and likes to work with people would be a good fit.

Outreach Coordinator: We need someone to coordinate events (such as the May meeting), help with community outreach and work with event hosts to set dates, create the flyers and build the annual calendar. Familiarity with Microsoft Word documents and networking skills would be useful. This position would be episodic and require about 40 hours over the course of a year. This could be done at the herbarium or a combination of remote and herbarium time.

Website Manager: We will be updating the herbarium and DBS webpages in the coming year, moving them from DreamWeaver to Drupal format. Assistance with soliciting content, reorganizing content and periodic uploading of DBS activity updates would be the main tasks, Anticipate 50-100 hours in the first year, perhaps 10/year after that. This could be done remotely or in the herbarium.