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Photo of Opuntia basilaris

Opuntia basilaris

Collections Strengths

Located below are descriptions of notable UC Davis Herabrium collections.

  • California Specimens

    Most of our visitors come to use our California herbarium specimens. Since 2005, our California specimens have been placed into folders marked with yellow hanging tags, and they are easily accessible. In our herbarium, we have a very good representation of the California flora, especially plants of the Central Valley, high elevation Sierra Nevada, North Coast Range, California desert, and Baja California. However we do not have specimens of some uncommon species. If you are interested in particular species, it is advisable to contact us prior to your visit.

  • Type Specimens

    When a new species name is published, a type specimen is designated. The type specimen serves as an example of what the author means by the new species name, and the name is permanently attached to the type specimen. At the Center for Plant Diversity, we have approximately 300 (and counting) type specimens. The label information from all our type specimens has been databased and the data are available on-line (see: Collections).

  • Our UC Reserve Specimens

    The Center for Plant Diversity Herbarium has specimens documenting the flora of four UC Reserves: Bodega Bay Marine Laboratory, McLaughlin Reserve, Quail Ridge Reserve, and Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve. The McLaughlin, Quail Ridge, and Stebbins Cold Canyon specimens are now interfiled with our general herbarium specimens. The label data from all McLaughlin, Quail Ridge, and Stebbins Cold Canyon specimens have been databased and are available on-line (see: Taxonomic Resources, UC Natural Reserve System).

  • Maquipucuna Specimens

    Grady Webster (late Professor of Botany) and his co-author Robert Rhode published the Plant Diversity of an Andean Cloud forest: Inventory of the Vascular Flora of Maquipucuna, Ecuador. The voucher specimens for this flora are now interfiled with our general herbarium specimens.

  • Ethnobotany Collections

    We have a collection of plant products (fibers, foods, resins and latex, culinary and medicinal herbs) that are used in our botany classes at UC Davis, especially Principals and Methods in Ethnobotany. If you would like to access this collection, please let us know. In addition, we have ethnobotanical specimens deposited by Ramona Butz (Masai), Jan Corlette (Hmong), Ellen Dean (Mexican Lycianthes), Richard Molinar (Hmong), and Jeanine Pfeiffer (Tado).

  • Vernal Pool Specimens

    Our herbarium has excellent holdings of vernal pool plants collected by Beecher Crampton in the Central Valley during the last half of the 20th century. These collections were augmented in the past decade by collections donated by Robert Preston as well as research collections made between 2002 and 2004 by the Vernal Pool Group (Carol Witham, Jennifer Buck, Ayzik Solomeshch, et al. of the Michael Barbour Lab). The collections of the vernal pool group are kept together in their own case to serve as a vernal pool reference collection. If you are interested in viewing these specimens, we can show you where they are located.

Important Taxonomic Collections

Due to the research interests of scientists connected to the Center for Plant Diversity herbarium, we have very strong holdings of the following taxonomic groups (click for more information):

Floristic Research Vouchers (by region)

United States

  • Alpine County
    • Grover Hot Springs State Park (Ellen Dean)
  • Colusa County
    • Bear Valley and Walker Ridge (many collectors)
    • Bear Creek Ranch (collectors: Jack Alderson, Ellen Dean, Gordon Harrington, Craig Thomsen)
  • El Dorado County
    • Lake Tahoe Basin (Kathren Murrell)
    • Tallac (Lloyd Tevis)
    • Washoe Meadows State Park (Ellen Dean)
  • Fresno County
    • Rae Lakes Basin (Mary Burke)
    • Teakettle Experiment Station (Bryan Drew, Rebecca Wayman)
  • Kern County (Ernest Twisselman)
  • Lake County
    • McLaughlin Reserve (Ellen Dean)
  • Mendocino County
    • Goat Mountain (Geri Hulse-Stephens)
    • Hopland Research Station (collectors: Beecher Crampton and others)
    • Sinkyone Wilderness State Park (Frederica Bowcutt)
  • Merced County
    • Great Valley Grasslands State Park (Ernesto Sandoval)
  • Napa County
    • McLaughlin Reserve (Ellen Dean)
    • Quail Ridge Reserve (Ellen Dean)
  • Placer County
    • Headwaters Basin, North Fork American River (Rex Palmer and Beth Corbin)
  • Sacramento County
    • Cosumnes River Preserve (many collectors)
    • Deer Creek Hills Reserve (collectors: Ellen Dean and Carol Witham)
    • Delta Meadows State Park (Frederica Bowcutt)
    • Folsom Lake State Recreation Area, Natoma Unit (G. F. Hrusa)
  • San Joaquin County
    • Caswell Memorial State Park (G. F. Hrusa)
  • San Luis Obispo County
    • Black Butte Research Natural Area (G. F. Hrusa)
  • Solano County
    • Jepson Prairie Reserve vicinity (collectors: Beecher Crampton and many students)
    • Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve (collectors: Julia Curlett and others)
  • Sonoma County
    • Bodega Bay Marine Laboratory (Peter Connors)
    • Sugarloaf Ridge State Park (Frederica Bowcutt)
  • Trinity County
    • Trinity Alps (collectors: William Ferlatt and Joseph DiTomaso)
  • Yolo County
    • General collections (many collectors, but especially Beecher Crampton)
    • Ireland Ranch (Ellen Dean)
    • Yolo County Grasslands Park (Jean Shepard)