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Photo of a desert lily

Desert Lily

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Our normal hours are Monday Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. (no assistance is available from 12-1). We are often here past 4 p.m. We are very accommodating, and special arrangements can be made for evening and weekend use, once a user is oriented as to specimen filing, how to treat our specimens, microscope use, and our lock-up routine.

If you are planning on coming for the first time or need help, contact Ellen Dean ( or Teri Barry ( (530)752-1091.

Contact Information

  • Phone: (530)752-1091
  • United States Postal Service Mailing Address:
    UC Davis Center for Plant Diversity,
    Plant Sciences Mail Stop 7, One Shields Ave.
    Davis, CA 95616.
  • Private Mail Carrier/Delivery Address (for example UPS or Fed Ex):
    UC Davis Center for Plant Diversity
    1026 Sciences Laboratory Building
    505 Hutchison Drive, UC Davis Campus
    Davis, CA 95616.

Driving Direction and Map

You can find directions to the Herbarium and information about parking here.

People Associated with the Herbarium:


Dan Potter – Director

Specialty: Plant Taxonomy, Phylogenetics, classification of the Rosaceae, ethnobotany, California flora.

Courses: Methods in Ethnobotany, California Floristics, Introductory Biology, Plant Biology Graduate Group core course, honors seminar, freshman seminar, public workshops on plant classification.

Contributor to Jepson Manual (2012)

Publications and more information:

Ellen Dean – Curator (on right in photo, with Kate Mawdsley)

Specialty: California flora, Lycianthes.

Courses: Herbarium Curation Internship, Plant Collection Internship, Methods in Ethnobotany, Freshman Seminar in the Herbarium, public workshops on plant identification and plant collecting.

Teri Barry – Collections Manager

Specialty: herbarium managment, specimen curation, data management, outreach.

Jennifer M Poore – Assistant Curator

Specialty: Floristics, Rare plant studies and Plant taxonomy.

Tom Starbuck – Database and Web Programmer

Specialty: Biological and taxonomic databases.

Kate Mawdsley – Librarian, Curator

Specialty: California vernal pool flora, California flora, library curation, specimen curation.

Jean Shepard – Associate

Specialty: herbarium management, specimen curation, flora of Yolo County Grasslands Park.

Daniel McNair Associate

Specialty: specimen photography, outreach.



Fred Hrusa – Research Associate
Senior Plant Taxonomist, California Department of Food and Agriculture

Specialty: California flora, Salsola, Rhododendron, Flora of the Sierra Madre (of California), weed identification.


Contributor to Jepson Manual (2012)

More information:

Rob Preston – Research Associate
Botanist, ICF International

Specialty: Brodiaea, Deschampsia, Setaria, Trisetum, Eryngium, Plagiobothrys, California flora.

Contributor to Jepson Manual (2012)

Stephen Rae – Research Associate

Specialty: moss taxonomy, California flora, Napa County flora.


Robert Rhode – Research Associate
Herbarium Assistant, California Department of Food and Agriculture

Specialty: Chiococca.

Book (with Grady Webster): Plant Diversity of an Andean Cloud Forest:  inventory of the vascular flora of Maquipucuna, Ecuador (2001)

Barry Rice – Research Associate
Professor of Astronomy, Sierra College

Specialty: carnivorous plants

Books: Monster Plants: Meat Eaters, Real Stinkers, and Other Leafy Oddities (2010); Growing Carnivorous Plants (2006).

Contributor to Jepson Manual (2012)

More information:


Joe DiTomaso – Specialist in Cooperative Extension, UC Davis

Specialty: Taxonomy, ecology, physiology, and control of rangeland, forestry and wetland weeds; poisonous plants.

Courses: Weed Science, outreach courses on weed identification.

Books (with Evelyn Healy): Weeds of California and Other Western States (2007); Aquatic and Riparian Weeds of the West (2003); (with G. B. Kyser, and M. J. Pitcairn) Yellow starthistle management guide (2006).

More information:



Jim Doyle – Faculty Emeritus, Dept. of Evolution and Ecology, UC Davis

Specialty: plant biology, systematics and evolutionary biology,(teaching interests) paleobotany and plant evolution, systematics and evolution of angiosperms.

Courses: Angiosperm Systematics, Paleobotany, Introductory Biology

More information:


Brenda Grewell – USDA Research Associate, Dept. of Plant Sciences, UC Davis

Specialty: ecology of exotic & invasive wetland plants; management and restoration; Ludwigia.

Contributor to Jepson Manual (2012)

More information:


Judy Jernstedt – Faculty, Dept. of Plant Sciences

Specialty: Plant Morphology, Cell and Developmental Biology, Systematics and Evolutionary Biology, Chlorogalum.

Courses: Plant Morphology, Genetics and Evolution

Contributor to Jepson Manual (2012)

More information:

Marcel Rejmanek – Faculty, Dept. of Evolution and Ecology, UC Davis

Specialty: Weed ecology and biogeography, California flora, floras of Belize and Europe.

Courses:  Concepts and Methods in Plant Community Ecology, Plant Ecology, Population Biology of Weeds.

More information:


Art Shapiro – Faculty, Dept. of Evolution and Ecology, UC Davis

Specialty:  Evolution, ecology, phylogeny, and biogeography of the Pierid butterflies. Evolution of seasonality. Insect-host plant interactions. Phenotypic plasticity and canalization. Biogeography of the Andean region and Patagonia. California flora (especially weed flora), history and philosophy of biology, especially the creation-evolution question.

Courses: Introductory Biology, Ecology of Tropical Latitudes,  Principles of Systematics, Biogeography,  Evolution of Ecological Systems,  Species and Speciation,  Undergraduate Seminar I, Seminar in Geographical Ecology III.

Book (with T.D. Manolis) Field Guide to the Butterflies of the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento Valley Regions (2007).

More information: