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UC Davis Herbarium database information:


Microsoft Office 2010 (Access version) is the current database system the Center for Plant Diversity uses. Our database versions prior to Office 2007 are no longer compatible with older versions of our database, after we upgraded to Office 2007.

Database documentation and structure information can be found here.

Database history:

1. The herbarium's database was created in 1995 using the then Access 1995 version. We updated our database over the years to our current version running under Office 2010. The last compatible version prior to Office 2007/2010, was build in Office 2003. Microsoft Office changed their database data format with the new version of Office 2007. Thus once we upgraded our database to version Office 2007, no prior version of our database worked.

2. In the past, we made our Access database (up to the version running under Office 2003) available for download off our web server. However, once we converted to Office 2007, we took down the download option of our database from off our web server because we no longer could support the major updates required to get our database to run under Office 2010. Upgrading from Office 2003 version of Access to Office 2010 version of Access required a great deal of modifications to get older versions of Access databases to work after upgrading.

3. For those who have downloaded and used our herbarium database version up through Office 2003 and would like to continue to use our database system with Office 2007/2010, you will have to upgrade the database data structure and all the data forms, reports, etc. to get the older Office 2003 version to run under Office 2007/2010. This requires major modifications to all aspects of our herbarium database, something we can no longer support or assist you with.

4. If there is enough interest in our latest Office 2010 version, we may, in the future, make it available for download; however we will not be able to support/assist with any data conversion from our prior versions to the new Office version. We apologize for this inconvenience.

5. If you have any questions about our older versions, you can contact: