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Donate to the Herbarium!

The Center for Plant Diversity operating budget comes partly from fees for services we provide but mostly from the generous donations from its users and supporters. You could be one of these!

There are two categories of funds you can donate to:

Current Use Gifts: These donations go into a pot of money that we use right away:

Herbarium General Support Fund These donations might go towards consumable supplies for mounting specimens, for books for our reference library, or for a certain piece of equipment we need.

Endowments: These donations go to a fund managed by the university, and we get a part of the interest the investment earns once each year. This means your donation comes to us in small part now, but continues to generate funds for us over the long term. There are two endowments:

The Ellen Dean Herbarium Endowment is a named endowment honoring Ellen’s decades of service as Curator of the Center for Plant Diversity Herbarium. It was recently established by volunteers, friends and family, alumni, and the extended herbaria community. Interest income from this fund is used for key functions of the operation of the herbarium: support for student staff and purchase of curation supplies.

The Center for Plant Diversity Herbarium Endowment This fund is similar to the above in that its yearly interest income can also be used for salaries and supplies.