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The Center for Plant DiversityFloral collage

UC ReserveThe scientific names used in this virtual herbarium follow the filing system used at the UC Davis Center for Plant Diversity. This filing system mostly follows the Jepson Manual II, 2012. An important exception is the grass family, which was curated in the early 2000’s to follow the grass treatment used in Flora North America (which mostly matches the  names used in the 1993 version of the Jepson Manual).

The images in this herbarium are arranged within five major categories: Hanging Macrolichen; Ferns and Fern Allies; Gymnosperms; Non-Monocot Angiosperms; and Monocots. There are two ways to view this virtual herbarum:

Click here to view a list of species names within the five major categories. These can be sorted taxonomically at the top of the page. In this page, when you click on a name, you open a full size image. You can then zoom into the image by just clicking on the part of the specimen that you wish to enlarge. If you click on the accession number (preceded by DAV), you will link to the specimen’s label information that we have in our database.

Click here to view thumbnail images of the specimens. First pick a major category, or genus at the top of the page to display the thumbnails in that category. Then you can either click on the thumbnail image to enlarge it and zoom in and out of the image as explained above, or you can click on the text “image zoom viewer” below the image to open a very cool zoom viewer box which allows you to explore the specimen as though you were holding a hand lens. Finally, if you click on the accession number of the specimen (preceeded by DAV), you will link to the specimen information that we have in our database.