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Grady Webster Euphorbiaceae Resources   (links are italicized)
(Funded by: National Science Foundation Award no. 1057391)
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Grady Webster photo

Dr. Grady Webster (1927-2005) was a world renowned expert on the spurge family sensu lato (Euphorbiaceae), a curious and voracious reader (and book collector), and major plant collector in numerous areas of the world but especially Ecuador, Texas, Baja California, the West Indies, and many island habitats. He was the Director of the Botany Department Herbarium at UC Davis from 1986 until his retirement in 1993. With funding from the National Science Foundation, the Grady Webster Euphorbiaceae Resources website has been developed to provide a virtual herbarium of specimen images of the genera Phyllanthus, Croton, Euphorbia (sensu lato), and Dalechampia, as well as links to published and unpublished taxonomic papers and keys that are pertinent to these genera. By providing these resources, we hope to both assist and inspire another generation of researchers to continue Grady’s work.

UC (Davis campus) Natural Reserve representative plant species  
UC Reserve UC Reserve Virtual Herbarium:  

Vascular Plants of the Inner North Coast Ranges of California: Stebbins Cold Canyon, Quail Ridge, and McLaughlin Reserves.


  Index Californicae

The Index Californicae is a database developed by Dr. Fred Hrusa that provides a crosswalk between current and all previous names of California vascular plants. For more details, please see the accompanying PDF here.

Seed Cones of California Pines  (links are italicized)

Seed Cones of California Pines: From the Cone Collection at the UC Davis Center for Plant Diversity (click the title to see the digital poster)

Currently we have a 21x31 inch printed version for $20 (with actual sized cones!) which we can ship for an extra $10. We can include up to 3 per shipment as the material is very thick photopaper. If you're near Davis, CA you can just stop by the herbarium to purchase (please try to email or call ahead of time). We can only take checks payable to 'UC Regents' or cash at this time. Please do not send cash in the mail. To get one shipped, please contact Teri Barry at for availability.

Mail checks payable to 'UC Regents' to:

UC Davis Center for Plant Diversity
Plant Sciences Mail Stop 7, One Shields Ave.
Davis, CA 95616.

All proceeds go toward herbarium curation projects.